Which Materials Are Safe For Scrapbooking?

Fri, Feb 13, 2015

Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking means creating something that you hope is going to last for as long as possible. As well as thinking about any photograph protection, you also need to consider the types of material you include in the scrapbook: they can all have an impact on how long your scrapbook will last.

Newspaper Clippings: Newspaper clippings are extremely common for inclusion in scrapbooks, as they often mark important events and times. However, newspapers generally don’t last for a long time as the paper contains an ingredient called lignin. This will make it turn yellow and brittle, so you need to be careful and take steps to preserve it.

Wrapping Paper, Wallpaper and Greetings Cards: Including things like wrapping paper or greetings cards can be a good way to remember special events, though they generally contain acid which means the paper will turn yellow and brittle and could also damage other items in the scrapbook (like photos).

Printer Paper: Many people like to print out certain items on standard printer paper, which is fine for inclusion in scrapbooks. Just opt for the paper that’s acid free and lignin free, or labeled as “archival paper”. This means it won’t fade and won’t cause other items to fade. Most inks are safe for scrapbooking.

Vellum: You can often buy vellum marketed specifically for scrapbooking, which is safe to try as long as it’s acid and lignin free.

What To Do If A Material Isn’t Suitable

Many types of paper aren’t good for your scrapbooks and they’ll eventually deteriorate over time. In the case of items that you don’t want to include for fear of damage, you could take a photograph or scan of the item to copy it on acid-free paper, or you could laminate it (but make sure the laminate material is suitable for scrapbooking).

Lastly, you could try an archival mist – but make sure any items you’ve sprayed still stay protected inside the scrapbook.


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