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Sat, Aug 28, 2010

Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbook layouts – How To Create With Future Value In Mind
Early in its history, scrapbooks were a way to keep children occupied. Over time, scrapbooks became part of adult memorabilia by creating layouts with programs from high school senior plays, a dried corsage from a prom dance or other souvenirs of happy events. Interestingly, scrapbooks of yesteryear are quite valuable as antiques. Painstaking layouts that made use of old travel postcards, artwork from holiday cards and cutouts from soap wrappers, sewing machine advertisements and even lacy valentines fetch a hefty price for collectors of antique scrapbooks. Even the method of pasting the scraps into the scrapbook varied from the paper mache type glue to various gums and soaps. The idea behind scrapbooking layouts is to maintain the preservation of one’s handiwork that has value as time passes.

Creating A Scrapbooking Layout For Future Value
Most scrapbooking layouts should have some semblance of organized thought so that the pattern of scraps has a central focus. In one case, this might be a scrapbooking layout with the focus on travel, family, pleasant memories and events or even nostalgia for a specific period of one’s life. Scrapbooking layouts should tell a story with scraps beginning with the first page and ending with the last remnant to be placed in the scrapbook. Choose scraps that are color. Then work toward color coordination. This is essential to allowing free style to flow through scraps that will produce the most interesting scrapbook with greater future value. When it comes to the layout of each page, try to compose scraps as a work of art. Give pages a basic design on which to add other detail.


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