Scrapbooking clubs

Sun, Feb 15, 2015

Scrapbook Ideas

When you want to keep track of things and memories scrapbooking is a good way to do it they first came into the picture in 1826 in Germany and since then it has been a good way to bring families closer for those who don’t know scrap booking is putting every good memory in a picture and putting it in your scrap book and decorating however you want it’s a very good hobby for anyone to take up.

If you want to have even more fun you could join a scrap booking club with members whom have the same interests and hobby as you and in most scrapbooking clubs you share what is in your scrap book and when you get a new entry in your book. So being in a club is a good way to share your stories with others and not just family. When you have a scrap book you’re not just looking at a picture you’re looking at a memory and when joining a club you get to tell others the memory behind the picture and you share your family’s special moments. In some scrap booking clubs they have activities where you all go out and take pictures and then about an hour later you come back and show them your picture and tell them about why you took it and why it will be a good memory for you.

So when you want to share your scrap book with your community you should join a scrap booking club it can make the hobby even more fun and create more friends to put in your scrapbook.

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