Making a Family Heritage Scrapbook

Tue, Feb 17, 2015

Scrapbook Ideas

Preserving your family memories and heritage is an important part of your life’s story. A crafty and fun way in which you can display your family heritage and preserve precious memories is by creating a family heritage scrapbook album.

When you include pictures to your scrapbook, include a short biography about who is in the picture. Picture captions are also nice to use in scrapbooks such as this and are a great way to display who is in the picture and how they are related to you. You can also include significant documents which relate to certain aspects of a personals life. Memorabilia items such as a lock of hair, medals and award ribbons, graduation tassels or even grandma’s old hair pin or broach can be displayed in pockets in your scrapbook album.

Since you are telling a story about your family, it is important to include both happy events as well as the not so happy events. The day someone passes away is just as significant as the day they were born or the day they were married, simply because it completes that person’s story. To help you do this, you can add items such as baby footprints, birth announcements, wedding announcements, obituaries, or death certificates.

Adding your own words or journaling on an album page is a great way to express you thoughts about a person. Your heritage scrapbook will become a cherished heirloom to family members for generations to come, especially when you add a personal touch of writing your own words and thoughts.

Have fun and enjoy putting together your family heritage scrapbook. Your only limit is your imagination.

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