How to Mat A Photo in 5 Simple Steps

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

Scrapbook Ideas

Mats are typically used to draw the eye towards the subject of the photograph, and to enhance the way it looks. In other words, they add an attractive decoration to your photograph that will help it stand out as much as possible.

You can opt for ready-made mat frames if you want to save time, but if you want to save money then it isn’t too difficult to do the matting yourself.

How to Mat Your Own Photo

1) Choose Your Mat: They come in a number of different materials, but paper or card mats are generally most popular. Make sure you measure your photo first so you can choose a mat that accommodates both the photograph and a small border around the edge (usually creating no more than an inch and a half border). Some choose to have an extra large border on the bottom to add more prominence, or include text about the photograph.

2) Check the Layout: Now you’ve got the material you need for your mat, lay it out to test how it’s going to look beforehand. Make sure the mat really does enhance your photo, and place it to where you’ll ultimately want it to be.

3) Attach Your Photo: Use your adhesive to attach the back of the photograph to the mat. You’ll need to put your photograph upside down to apply the adhesive, so make sure you keep it protected on a clean sheet of paper.

4) Cut the Mat to Shape: Now you’re ready to cut the mat around your photograph, making sure the border is even on all sides. If you don’t have a paper cutter, make sure you use a ruler to get the edges completely straight.

5) Add Extra Layers: People often choose to add a second, or even a third, mat to make their photograph stand out even more. Make sure the second mat contrasts with the first, but still complements it.

Matting photos is a perfect technique for making them stand out in scrapbooks, and also to prepare them for framing. Just make sure to place your photograph carefully in the centre of the mat and you’ll create a fantastic focal point to the page!

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