How to Create Folded Photo Corners

Sat, Feb 21, 2015

Scrapbook Ideas

Photo corners are a fantastic way to add some subtle decoration to the photo pages of your scrapbook. Although corners are available to buy in craft stores, it’s simple enough to make your own once you know how. Here’s a quick guide on how to fold them for the greatest effect.

1) Choose Your Materials: Many scrapbookers choose to use leftover card or paper for their photo corners, and vellum is also popular. You can use whatever you feel would look best for the project.

2) Cut A Square: Use a square cutter or paper trimmer to cut a square out of your card (2 inches is a good size).

3) Fold the Square: Now you’ll need to fold that square in half (so it becomes a rectangle). Then fold this again into a smaller square.

4) Fold Again: Now look for the part of the square that features all of the outside corners. Fold one of them up and over the other half of the square (so the inside layer of the card is now facing out, creating two triangles that form the square).

5) Continue Folding the Layers: Continue folding each layer of the square in the same way as in step 4, leaving a small margin between the folded layers each time for decorative effect. Make sure you leave the last layer in tact – this will be the back of your corner, allowing you to slip the corner of the photograph in to keep it in place.

scrapbook photo cornersThese create a nice alternating effect on the folded corners, though there are also other folded corner techniques out there depending on the kind of look you want to create. Some choose to fold more plain corners but use scalloped scissors to dress up the outer edges.

Photo corners are fantastic on more old fashioned layouts and can make your photographs look more elegant. Try practicing with a few different techniques and coloured materials to find one that suits you.

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