Five Essential Tools for Scrapbooking

Fri, Feb 27, 2015

Scrapbook Ideas

Although scrapbooking has a variety of tools you can purchase, here are five tools that will help you begin and expand your creativity:

Glue & Adhesive
There seems to be a wide variety of glue and adhesives to purchase for scrapbooking. The best thing to do is experiment with a few to find which type works for you and the project you are working on.

Scissors & Paper Edgers
Of course you will need straight edge scissors, but along with these, you can find craft scissors that give your paper a variety of edges. In stores you can also purchase a paper edger. These will cut your paper in a straighter line than the craft scissors, but they basically do the same thing.

Templates & Stencils
Whenever you need a fun picture or perfect letter and you don’t want to purchase stickers, a template or stencil will do the job. These come in a variety of shapes, styles, fonts, and pictures. You can also find templates and stencils for specific holidays and events.

Pens & Markers
Using gel pens and metallic markers will give your scrapbook some color, creativity and originality. Try different brands and types until you find what you prefer. Metallic markers often work on black or dark color paper compared to gel pens.

Distressing Tool
A distressing tool will give paper and other material the appearance of an antique. Practice with paper that you don’t care about first because it may take a few tries to understand and manipulate how this works.


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