Finding the Best Scrapbooking Scanner for Old Photographs and Scrapbook Pages

Wed, Feb 11, 2015

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Most of the photographs that tend to get used in scrapbooking are older prints. Although digital photographs are more popular nowadays, we all have older photos that we still need to keep safe. The perfect way to incorporate these into your scrapbook is to scan them in. But what’s the best scanner to choose?

Type of Scanner

First you might want to consider the type of scanner you’ll need. If you don’t already have a printer and/ or a photocopier, then there are a number of three-in-one scanners available. These are usually bigger than your average flatbed scanner, but good value if you need all three functions.

The type of scanner you choose also depends on what you want to scan. A few things you might scan in include:
•    Old photographs,
•    Your scrapbook pages,
•    Birth certificates,
•    Any other documents that can’t be used in the scrapbook,
•    Small items you’d like to remember.

Larger Scanners

Many scrapbookers not only use their scanners for photographs, but to keep a digital copy of their scrapbook pages in case anything should happen to the originals. Large format flatbed scanners are the perfect choice for this.

Larger than standard scanners, these models allow scrapbookers to easily fit in and scan the pages of their scrapbooks without having to split up files and scan sheets in many different stages.

What to Look For

No matter whether you’re going for a standard sized scanner (suitable for scanning A4 pages) or a large flatbed scanner, you’ll need to look at the specifications.

The resolution of the scanner is an indication of the image quality, measured in dots per inch or dpi. Try to find a scanner that has at least 2400 dpi and also note that the higher the color depth, the more realistically the scanner will replicate the colors of the item.

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