Finding the Best Digital Camera for Scrapbooking

Mon, Feb 9, 2015

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scrapbooking-cameraWhen it comes to choosing your first digital camera for scrapbooking, it’s important to figure out what features you need from the camera, and how much you’re willing to spend.

Megapixels: In short, the more megapixels a camera has, the better the resolution of the photographs will be. Think honestly about the sizes you’ll need to print.

Memory: Most digital cameras come with a small amount of internal memory, but you’ll also want the ability to add external memory (most cameras today offer this feature). This means you can buy several memory cards and switch them if one becomes full.

Zoom: Most digital cameras come with some kind of zoom, described using a multiplier of the standard view, such as 5x, 10x and so on. There is a difference between “optical zoom” and “digital zoom” – the latter is a poor quality zoom, whereas the former is very useful for maintaining quality.

Macro Lens: This describes the ability of the camera to take very close-up images of items. This is a useful feature for your digital camera to have if you want to take large photographs of items to include in your scrapbooks.

SLR Vs. Point and Shoot: Digital SLR cameras come with more manual settings and interchangeable lenses, suitable for those who know more about photography or are very willing to learn. If you want something that’s easy to use, then opting for a standard compact point and shoot camera could be your best option.

There really is no best camera for taking photos for scrapbooking. It really depends on your budget and what you want to take photographs of. You can expect to pay at least a couple of hundred dollars upwards for a decent camera.

What you can be sure of that choosing a good digital camera is a great investment. Digital cameras more than match traditional film cameras these days, and the digital format can give you the flexibility to store and use your photos however is best for you!

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