Eight Scrapbooking Ideas

Sat, Dec 11, 2010

Scrapbook Ideas

Where can I find scrapbooking ideas for my pages?

Especially when you do a lot of scrapbooking, it can be hard to come up with new scrapbooking ideas. Here are eight scrapbooking ideas that will give you some fresh ideas for your next scrapbooking layout!

Family Tree Scrapbooking Ideas

Take one or two baby pictures of each person from your family and one or two pictures today from your family. Make a page or two of each family member and enhance the pages by using paper with some of their favorite things to do on it. For example my sister loves Winnie the Pooh, so I would use paper and some stickers with Winnie the Pooh on her pages and so on with the rest of the family.

Vacation Scrapbooking Ideas

One original scrapbooking idea is to use money from other countries in your vacation scrapbook. This is a great memory and shows viewers what the money looks like from that country. You could laminate the money before putting in the scrapbook to preserve it better.

Make it Sparkle

One of the great scrapbooking ideas to enhance your layouts is to use various colors of glitter on your pages. This will make it look sparkly and won’t cost a fortune.

Save Things

Save tickets, receipts, brochures, maps… from traveling. These things can be placed in the scrapbook at your discretion.

Shadow Box

Make on scrapbook page from friends wedding, party… and then put it into a shadow box. This makes the ultimate, personalized present from the heart.

Scrapbooking Ideas for Memories

Design a scrapbook using photos of your child from kindergarten thru twelfth grade and give it to them at their graduation party.

So what are some scrapbooking ideas other than making scrapbooking layouts?

Greeting Cards

Design your own personal greeting cards for the holidays. Your friends and family will love the personalization and not throw them in the garbage.

Make a Collage

Take a bunch of your pictures and design a collage page. You will be surprised how interesting and fun it will look.

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