Choosing A Printer (and Ink) That’s Safe For Scrapbooking

Mon, Feb 23, 2015

Scrapbook Ideas

The main worry scrapbookers have when choosing their printer is that it may eventually damage photographs and artwork over time. Some materials contain acid that will eventually cause photographs to fade and change color, so it’s important to choose your printer wisely if you’ll be printing pages or photographs to place in your scrapbook.

The good news is that most printer ink is acid free, though it’s important to look at each kind of ink individually. Some inks are specifically labeled for archival use, including a new brand by Epson.

The real thing you’ll need to think about is how permanent the ink itself will be in your scrapbook. Laser printers are generally more permanent and safe for scrapbooking, whereas inkjet inks are water based: this means they’ll fade over time and will run if they get wet.

Archival Printers

Although most printouts will last for a long time (if in doubt, contact the manufacturer directly), you could spend a little more money and buy a printer that’s been specifically designed for the best quality. Here are a few models you might consider:

Epson R2880 Large Format Photo Printer: This has the ability to create large, extremely high-quality prints that will last for years when combined with the high-quality Epson cartridges.

HP Photosmart Pro B8850: HP have stated on their website that prints should last for decades. Buying a high quality printer gives you an even greater guarantee that your prints will last.

Canon PIXMA Pro9500MkII:  Canon are one of the biggest names in photography, and this model can produce prints quickly without compromising on quality.

How to Make Your Printouts Last Longer:

Even once you’ve chosen a printer with suitable ink, it still helps to take a few measures that’ll help your photographs last longer:
•    Keep images and pages out of direct sunlight,
•    Use page protectors (safe for archiving) in your scrapbook,
•    Keep images away from any liquid or excess moisture.

It’s up to you which printer you choose. Most inks are acid free and safe for scrapbooking, but if you want to go the extra mile then it never hurts to use high-quality printers with archival inks.

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