Autumn Pumpkins Paper Piecing Example

Wed, Sep 22, 2010

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A pumpkin is the classic image of autumn. Colorful leaves surrounding a pumpkin patch immediately bring to mind the fall season. The pumpkins shown here are as easy to make as they are adorable to embellish your next scrapbook page or greeting card. Each pumpkin is made from three circles, a stem, and some punched leaves or vines. The pattern for these pumpkins can be found on the next page of this step-by-step article. You will want to use these paper pieced pumpkins on fall and halloween scrapbook pages.

These pumpkins can be made from simply using a circle punch to punch out three circles of orange patterned cardstock. Then, layer the three circles with two of them next to each other slightly overlapping on the bottom and the third right in the middle of the two on top. Ink or chalk the edges of each circle and also add in some curving lines from top to bottom of the top-most circle to complete the look of a pumpkin. You can cut a stem by hand or use the pattern here and then add some punched leaves for vines to finish off the image. If you do not have a circle punch handy, you can simply print out this pattern and use it to cut the three circles for each pumpkin. To save this pattern to your computer, simply right click on the image and select “Save As” to save it to a folder. You can also right click on the image and select “copy” and then right click on a blank document in your favorite word processing program and select “paste” to insert the image into a document for printing. Once you have it in a document, you can click on it to select it and then grab on corner to drag it to resize the pattern as you desire.

To add to your pumpkins, you may wish to incorporate the free sitting teddy bear pattern that can also be found here. The teddy bear is designed to be holding something. For your next fall or halloween scrapbook page, he could be holding his prize pumpkin. Visit the Free Sitting Teddy Bear Paper Piecing Pattern step by step article to save the pattern for this fun little teddy.


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