Scrapbook Page Maps: Sketches For Creative Layouts [Spiral-bound]

Tue, Feb 15, 2011

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Scrapbook Page Maps: Sketches For Creative Layouts

Scrapbook Page Maps takes the guesswork out of where to begin by giving plenty of design ideas for their scrapbook layouts! By referring to the sketches in the book, readers can select photos, papers and embellishments and then bring the page together quickly and easily. Helpful resource information such as a supply list and photo sizes are included on each card, along with page information cross-referencing the sketch back to the book. Scrapbook Page Maps is the essential boo (more…)

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One Response to “Scrapbook Page Maps: Sketches For Creative Layouts [Spiral-bound]”

  1. Kristy Says:

    If you only could buy one idea book (GASP! What an awful thought!) this would be the one.

    The layouts are beautful and well-balanced. As another reviewer mentioned, they are very doable as opposed to many ideas that I would NEVER take the time to do. On the other hand, I suppose if you enjoy extremely elaborate LOs, you could do that too. The embellishments are given a spot on the map, but it is never spelled out what they have to be, so you could get as intricate as you want. There is plenty of creative freedom available. The sketches are also very versatile. I scrap 12×12, and for most of the 8-1/2 x 11 LOs I was immediately able to see how to translate them into the larger size. The book shows variations for each sketch, which gives you many ways to use them. They show rotation, inversion, direct copies and looser “interpretations” of the sketches. My head was all abuzz with ideas after I read this book.

    Of course… the cards! They are beautiful and compact, including a full-color copy of the LO, the sketch, a shopping list, and titled by the number of photos in that LO. They come with their own carrying box that will keep them coralled and slip easily into your scrapbooking tote. Finally, they are heavyweight cardstock and they are laminated, so they should be very hardy. I organized my cards according to the number of photos on that LO. When I have pictures to scrap, I can flip immediately to the corresponding sketches, choose a LO and get working!

    Also, this has not been mentioned, but this book is bound by a hidden spiral binding. This means that it fits perfectly on your shelf, with the title easily visible. It also means that it lays flat, which is invaluable when you are working with a sketch. I love this style of binding, and it is not easy to find. I would warn you, be gentle when you tear out your index cards. I tried to pull several pages worth out at once, and I bent the spirals open and pulled the book out of the cover! It was no big deal, as I was able to put it right back in and bend the spirals closed, but do be gentle.


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