Embossed Postbound Album 11″X14″-Assorted Designer & Solid Color Covers

Fri, Feb 18, 2011

Scrapbook Materials

Embossed Postbound Album 11This extra large size album features a great designer color. Ideal for larger memorabilia and newspaper articles. Will easily accommodate 6 or more photos per page. Includes 50 sheets for 100 pages. Acid free and archival safe. Size: 11 by 14-inch. Cover is embossed.


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  1. kampanie AdWords Says:

    Super text, I will add this blog to my favorites.


  2. Hindi sms Says:

    wow…. sounds pretty interesting.


  3. Anthony Kiester Says:


    You know what, I have been searching for some more information on this topic, and wonder if anyone can help me out? I found this website on Yahoo and would appreciate it if someone sends me some more links on this topic by email.

    Thanks much in advance.


  4. Kim Says:

    I have been looking in various craft and big box stores for almost a year, trying to find a paper-paged scrapbook like the one I had gotten at Walmart about 10 years ago. All that’s out there now are the plastic sleeve covered pages, and I didnt want that because I put in cards and other memorabilia that you need to be able to flip over and see the back of too. Thanks to the previous reviews about this scrapbook, I knew what to expect…paper pages that are light beige, and a “surprise cover.” Incidentally, my cover (and scrapbook for that matter) which is floral and says “memories” is identical to one I saw on another website for $30 total. I paid $12.70 total on amazon. Two thumbs up cricutsonline.com!


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