601 Great Scrapbook Ideas [Paperback]

Sun, Feb 13, 2011

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601 Great Scrapbook Ideas

Something for everyone: The sheer volume of layouts broadens the market for this book to scrapbookers of any skill level. Includes 500-550 all new, never-before-publishes layouts, plus sidebars, callouts, and tips for 601 great ideas. When it comes to having layouts in a scrapbooking book or magazine, more is definitely better. With layouts and tips contributed by readers in a general call and by our cast of paid contributors, 601 is brimming with information and ide (more…)

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One Response to “601 Great Scrapbook Ideas [Paperback]”

  1. T. Lee Says:

    This scrapbooking book is primarily filled with a multitude (601?) of photos of actual scrapbook pages. There are many examples that should generate loads of projects.

    However, there are no instructions for any of the pages or techniques, and most of the photos are rather small, especially if you are visually challenged in any way (get out the magnifying glass).

    The book is a good resource, but if you are looking for instructional techniques, recommend you choose a different book. If you are just looking for ideas, then this will be a great book to add to your collection.


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