Cricut Expression 290611 with Potpourri Cartridge and Accessories

Sun, Jun 13, 2010

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Cricut Expression 290611 with Potpourri Cartridge and AccessoriesThanks to electronic precision and easy-to-use design, the Cricut Expression personal cutting machine makes it a snap to create beautiful cards, displays, scrapbooks, signs, and labels. Great for home, office, or classroom use, the machine features a generous range for small or large shapes and can accommodate materials from vellum to cardstock to vinyl. Creating a cut requires simply inserting a cartridge, loading the machine, making a selection, and pressing “cut. (more…)

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  1. KYP Says:

    Expression vs. Slice
    There is no comparison – if you can only get 1 machine get the expression – it’s worth the extra money…why?
    I have the Slice – that was my first machine (I got it 2 weeks ago) only because it had the designs I wanted (tags) and also had some cool accessories and it’s my first die cut machine. You have to hold it down to use it, there aren’t that many cartridges and if you wait for sales – they are both about the same $. If you need a machine to cut a couple of things here and there and go for the slice. (Read my Slice review for more details).

    Expression vs. Personal
    The personal cricut only cuts to 5.5″ – and it’s pretty much like the Slice – around the same price point as well. It does NOT compare with the capabilities of the Expression. Expression cuts in larger sizes, more feature – the LCD screen is more detailed, it’s a far more sophisticated machine (think of composition notebook vs. laptop) – also spoke with a cricut user at a store – she said that the Personal wastes a lot of paper

    Expression vs. Sizzix – I didn’t even really look at the Sizzix, I get they’re cheaper, and they have a lot of cartridges and they’re cheaper…there’s a reason why the machine and cartridges are cheaper – they’re VERY BASIC (it’s like comparing 3rd grade education to graduate school), reviews on the Sizzix weren’t very “WOW” and if I’m going to invest $$ – I rather get something WOW – the functionality and capabilities of Cricut products (even the personal) is far superior than the Sizzix

    Expression Features that makes this machine SUPERIOR:
    Cuts 1/4″ – 23.5 inches (most machines cut from 1/2″ and at 1/2″ increments – this is 1/8″ increments – and about 7″ max)
    Cartridges – very intricate shapes – when you find them on sale – it’s WORTH IT! Plus they have the licensed shapes (Spongebob, Dora, Hello Kitty, Disney…)
    Each cartridge seems to hold ALOT of options and information. There are so many varieties
    Layering options available (exp – trees – it will cut the “bark” then i set another option to cut the individual leaves – a little bit of spray adhesive and tweezers, BAM – I have a fully functional colored tree)
    Design is clean, tight and slim, it’s very light and portable (not that I intend on schlepping it, but if I had to, I will)
    you can leave it – program and walk away

    What I wish came with the machine:
    For the $$ – There should have been extra blades + 12″ x 24″ mat (it can cut up to that, so why no mat?) + spatula!
    It seems really silly to nickel & dime customers for equipment they need to make the machine useful – I have a spatula from my Slice tool kit (slice doesn’t include that either)

    What I’ve done/thoughts so far (I’ve only had it for 2 days):
    AWESOME – I can program what I want it to cut and walk away! with the Slice, I have to hold the machine in place.
    SPEEDY!! It might be worthwhile to buy an extra mat anyways to load your next set of media while you’re removing it off the first mat. (This would be important if you’re into efficiency)
    MUST read directions of the machine first! Then load the cartridge and read those directions! YOU HAVE TO SET ASIDE A SOLID HOUR OF FOCUS TO USE THIS MACHINE! There are so many functions/features you don’t want to miss anything.
    Had I read the directions first i’d figure out how to load the paper. It’s aligned on the bottom left corner (DUR)
    You can use ANY size paper as long as it’s 3″ x 3″ – just set the paper size and it’ll know and plan for you to minimize waste
    Cardstock set blade at 3 – pressure at medium – speed (doesn’t really matter)
    Paper – set blade at 1 – pressure low – speed (doesn’t really matter)
    Foam (set blade at 6 – pressure max – speed SLOW) I feel like I need the deep cut blade (another accessory) – the cuts aren’t very clean but it works (I’m using the “Printing 101” Cartridge – making alpha puzzle pieces to teach my kiddo letters)
    Speed – the slower the better it seems like but for thinner media it doesn’t matter
    Make sure to have enough table space – you’ll need space behind the machine for the feeder

    Projects in the future:
    Definitely making cards!
    More foam shapes (Spongebob cartridge) – and letters
    Cardstock animals to teach my kiddo (same with food / etc). (Animal Kingdom Cartridge)
    I want to try to use other medium – fabric, adhesive, magnetic sheets, stamp, embossing
    I want to get the design software to make my own “cuts”
    Helping my kiddos with their school project – making adhesives to stick on walls
    Getting sticky textured cardstock to make our own “stickers”

    If you get Expression – Buy spatula (unless you already have one)
    If you plan on doing projects larger than 12″ buy the 12″ x 24″ mat
    Buy an extra set of mats anyways – it’ll help keep your machine cutting while you’re working =)
    Get a set of replacement blades if you intend on using this machine ASAP and ALOT (I’ve cut 9 foam sheets – 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and 2 cardstock sheets) and I feel like my blade is getting iffy – or it just might be foam

    DO NOT:
    …Buy the Cricut bags (except maybe the duffel) most do not fit the expression – duffel will only fit expression if you expand it and it’s not really “protective” – and doesn’t hold much of anything, but if you’re set on getting a bag – that’s the only one that will work
    …do this if you need silence – the machine is LOUD – think of your microwave running or the exhaust fan
    …PAY FULL PRICE FOR CARTRIDGES – I got a ton for 60% off – really reasonable if you’re willing to wait
    I’m going to be making friends with local people who use Cricut and maybe do a cartridge exchange (borrow) b/c not many of the cartridges are repeat use for me – and the ones that are I’ve bought – I wonder if this is an item that the public libraries have…
    …PAY FULL PRICE PERIOD! Most of the national chain stores WILL NOT take their coupons on the machine, but if you are patient, the machines will go on sale – or scope out online venues. Most national chain stores will let you use their % off coupons on the accessories



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