Cricut Create Machine

Wed, Aug 18, 2010

Cricut Machines

Cricut Create Machine

The Cricut Create Personal Electronic Cutter combines the portability of the original Cricut machine with the functionality of the Cricut Expression machine. The Cricut Create machine is the same size as the original Cricut machine, yet it allows cuts from 0-1/4-inch up to 11-1/2-inch on a 6-inch by 12-inch cutting mat.


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  1. Eadie Says:

    I have never owned a cricut, but have wnated one from the LITTLE that I had seen about them. I had no clue that there were different machines. I seen this on a shopping site and it was an amazing price for the package and flex pay on top of it. I finally recieved it in the mail got it open to find that it was not what I expected.
    In my opinion it is too small with not enough functions. I hated that I ALWAYS had to trim my papers down because (completely my fault for not paying closer attention before purchasing) it is a 6×12 mat instead of the 12×12 with the expression. I didn’t feel that it had very many function settings. I also did not care for the layout and set up of the display, it was extremely small (which is the point of the create but not my personal preference). I was not happy with this create, so I went online and did some research and decided that I wanted to return this for the expression. Which I absolutely love and completely happy with.
    I want to let it be known that I understand that the create was designed for portability and convience which is why it is smaller and less of the functions from the expression, however it is my opinion that I have no need for portability and if I did decide to take this with me somewhere it is not a big deal to me for the larger bigger expression, and therefore would rather have the larger machine with the 12×12 mat and the option of the extra functions.
    If you are looking for a machine that you can easily transport because you don’t want to take the expression this is the machine for you. If you dont mind size or always trimming the paper and would like something that is easy to take with you somewhere then this is the cricut to buy if you don’t mind the extra size and would like more functions I would recommend the then expression.


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