Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

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Craft enthusiasts will love the portability and convenience of this electronic cutting machine. Weighing just 7 pounds and equipped with a generous handle, the unit can be taken along when traveling or to scrapbooking parties with friends. Stylish totes, sold separately, also make it easy to bring the cutter anywhere. Ideal for greeting cards, scrapbooks, and other paper crafts, the machine uses a cartridge-based system (no computer required) for cutting thousands of beautiful letters, shapes, or phrases in a variety of sizes and styles with just the touch of a button. Simply attach the material to be cut to the included self-adhesive cutting mat, load it into the machine, insert the cartridge, make a cutting selection, and press cut. The machine will quickly and electronically cut out the desired letter, shape, or phrase in seconds. It can cut characters from 1 inch tall up to 5-1/2 inches tall and 11-1/2 inches wide from a variety of materials, including vellum, paper, cardstock, and vinyl. Customize the cartridge content in up to six different ways for thousands of variations. Accessories include a Quick Start guide, user manual, blade assembly, 6-by-12-inch cutting mat, power adapter, and a George and Basic Shapes cartridge binder, which contains a cartridge, keypad overlay, and handbook. The cutting machine measures 17-4/5 by 9-2/3 by 12-8/9 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

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4 Responses to “Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine”

  1. Kiesha Hoffler Says:

    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for the informative post? Do you post every week? 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Kate Says:

    This product is fantastic! If you’re looking for a personal die cut system I wouldn’t bother with anything else on the market right now. It is compact when closed, so it won’t take up unnecessary table space. It is also very light and has a comfortable handle for travelling.

    Yes, it is a bit of an investment, but it is honestly a better deal than many of the cheaper systems out there. It can cut each shape in 11 sizes from 1 inch to 5.5 inches. Most cartridges are around $90; compare that to quickutz & sizzix alphabets which retail for $150, can only cut one size, and take up a lot more storage space.

    Blades are easy to replace and the cutting mats seem to last longer than cricut suggests. You’ll get more life out of them by rotating the mat each time you cut and also storing it with the plastic sheet to keep dust from accumulating on the sticky surface.

    I’ve heard of people having difficulty cutting thicker cardstock with this machine, but we have been able to cut bazzil easily by setting the blade depth to 6 and the speed & pressure to their max settings.

    I’ve used both the Cricut and Xyron Personal Cutting System extensively and would recommend the Cricut.


  3. Thena Says:

    That adrdesess several of my concerns actually.



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