Cricut Design Studio Review

Cricut Design Studio is a MUST-HAVE tool for cricut scrapbookers.

Fellow scrapbookers alike have fallen head over heals for Cricut’s Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine or Cricut Expression 290611 Diecut Machines. In order to help users make the best out of their diecut machine, Provocraft has released the Cricut Design Studio.

Cricut Design Studio is a computer software program that connects to your Cricut machine via USB to you computer allowing you to use an on-screen cutting mat! The program lets you explore, design, and cut the entire Cricut Cartridge Library. What you see on your screen is what you cut! All you need to do is install the software and you can take you crafting to a whole new level.

Cricut Design Studio includes an electronic collection of every image found within the Cricut cartridge library. Its simple and quick keyword searches allow you to search through the 1000’s of images available to find that perfect letter, shape, or phrase that will transform your project into a new stunning creation! There are online updates to keep your Cricut Design Studio supplied with any new content that become available, letting you explore the latest and greatest Cricut cartridges!

Use the on-screen cutting mat to design your unique cutting layout by moving, reorganizing, rotating, resizing, skewing, and welding letters, shapes, and phrases from any Cricut cartridge available. You can easily save your one-of-a-kind layouts for later use or to share with others!

One of the major benefits of using Cricut Design Studio is the ability for you to weld or connect letters together to form a single cutting. Forget gluing each letter one at a time. Now letters, shapes, and phrases can be meshed together before cutting making it more efficient than ever to add cuttings to projects.

Another useful thing of the Cricut Design Studio is that the shapes and letters can be manipulated before cutting. You are no longer limited to only adjusting the size, you can now change the shape properties to better support the overall design. Each image can be altered to get the exact look you need.

Cricut Design Studio has a ton of benefits, but my favorite is the ability to incorporate images from various cartridges into one design. I can design with all the cartridge options at once instead of being limited to cutting with one cartridge at a time.

Advanced and creative I can created inspiring projects by combining several  different cartridges into one awesome cutting. I found Cricut Design Studio software to be a necessity for every Cricut owner. There is a slight learning curve to it, once you get the hang of it, the creative options are unlimited. The Cricut and the Design Studio is a must-have resource for every scrapbooker and card maker!

Cricut Design Studio